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More than 40 years of experience

Mustafa Hospital, as a specialty treatment center considered its main mission on patients’ treatment and training by using updated high-tech technology and experienced physicians and staff. This hospital believes in his outstanding competency from point of satisfying view of Mustafa family, which consists of patients, doctors, shareholders, colleagues, foreigners and organizations under contract. So, it would gain its welcome rated and benefits by presenting on time & qualified services, based on ethical values & Principles of clinical governance and guarantees patients’ security.
Mustafa hospital Vision In long outlook of specialty Mustafa private hospital, vision considered providing secure and effective health care for patients, with appropriate costs, according to international standards.
1. Islamic and medical ethics
2. Equity in access to services for all clients
3. Dignity and human rights
4. Institutionalization of organizational performance based on
5. Services efficiency
6. Patient safety
7. Pay attention to stakeholder and service providers
8. Focus on resource maximum productivity

Our mission

Providing the highest standards of health care services in a safe and peaceful and patient-centered friendly environment.
Creating a comfortable environment for the patient's companions along with their patients during the treatment period
Introduction of Iran as one of the safe and reliable destinations of medical tourism among the countries of the region

Our values

Maintaining human dignity
Respecting the values and beliefs of patients
Participation of patients in the choice of treatment method
Increasing the skill of human resources
Creating a safe and relaxed environment
Providing the best quality treatment
Maintaining and respecting medical ethics


Changing the Mostafa Hospital Brand as the one of the most reputable medical center in the field of therapeutic tourism in Iran

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Tel 1 : +982188557748

Tel 2 : +989124906031

Mail Address: Pasteurno@gmail.com

24-hour admission is possible by contacting the listed numbers.


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Medical and Cosmetic Treatments

It is our pleasure to be able to provide a safe and relaxed environment for relieving the pain and etiology of patients who come to the hospital

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Patient Comments

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