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Tour of Mustafa Hospital

From Admission To Discharge


Mustafa hospital is one of the most popular healthcare centers in Iran. Our hospital has 200 beds and 150 doctors . Our group has made qualified health care accessible to people from all over the world.

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Overview :

We help you with booking your tickets and making necessary travel arrangements. Local travel arrangements can be done for patients and the attendants’.

We also provide detailed information on Visa and Passport formalities and our executives will

help you with fulfilling the necessary formalities.

We request you to carry the following documents with yourselves when you come to our hospital for available Services:

Your ‘fitness to fly’ certificate (if medically warranted).

Copy/Original documents of all medical reports and medication details (if there are any).

Copied CDs of any scans, like X-ray / MRI/CT/ECHO (if there are any).

Any reference notes from your doctor.

Personalized Travel Assistance

Going into hospital can be a stressful experience, which is why Mustafa Hospital makes every effort to ensure that its patients know exactly what the process entails. At the end of the day, being prepared makes all the difference.

Once your appointment at Mustafa Hospital has been confirmed, your international medical concierge will assist you with any transportation and accommodation needs related to your visit. We can also help you make arrangements for dining and sightseeing.

When planning on travelling abroad, it is imperative to prepare and bring along the necessary documents required to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Here is a list of documents you need to bring before your departure to Iran:

•Your health/medical history report(s) or any statements relating to the past or ongoing treatment sessions.

•X-Rays, MRI’s, immunisation records, prescriptions, and relevant medical documents including records of previous surgeries. Make sure you have these medical reports and associated medication with you at all times in your bag or carry-on luggage.

•Passports and Visas are a must.

•Bring along USl currency.

For any specific inquiries or if you require further assistance with organizing documents or travel plans, use our contact number  +98 21 88557748, Telegram No: +98 912 818 4267

We understand that seeking medical treatment outside your home country can be a physically and emotionally exhausting experience and we know that it can be stressful too. The International Patients Division strives to ensure that you will not only feel at home, but also you will go back to your country in good health conditions.


In order to make an appointment, you will only need to send us your arrival details in advance.
We will then arrange an appointment for you prior to your arrival.
Our executives will guide you every step of the way.

Tel. No. : (+98) 989124906031

Fax : (+98)21 8896 6148

E-mail :

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